Week 2 Teacher Meeting

Maya you seem very eager to begin taking action for your X. Before you can do that though, you need to conduct research and show evidence of it!  Use dot jot notes to keep your research organized.  Then think about contacting an NGO to get more information.  Maybe you could do an email ınterview with a someone from one of these NGOs.  Don’t forget to document your mentor and parent meetings on your website and fix the menu of the site.

Week 1- Brain Barf

1. İ think İ used my time wisely because İ listened and what my teacher tolfd me to. İ also thought about my action and issue so İ get a better idea of my Exhibition. İ also tried to stay on task as much as İ could so İ could finish my tasks on time. İ also used my time wisely because İ finnished my tasks on time.

2. My challenges this week was trying to research for a Turkish NGO that involved cleaning up trash from the forests. İ also had a struggle with connecting my passion with my issue, but İ finnaly found a connection.

3. My plans for next week are finding a Turkish NGO that involves cleaning up trash from the forests and having contact with it.

4. Some of the suprises that happened were that in the beggining of planning my issue and passion İ couldnt find a connection with them so İ had to really think hard to find that connection. A success İ had was finding a connection with my passion and issue.

Exhibition Reflection

The way İ used my time wisely because İ thought about the Exhibition. The challenges İ had was planning out my exhibition because İ was very stressed while thinkng about it. my plans for next week are exploring my action and actually trying it out. Some suprises that happened are that İ planned out my whole Exhibition and now im not stressed at all. İ was very suprised because İ didnt know that İ was gonna be able to actually plan it out.

Feature Article–Portfolio Language

Born Free…

Our world is falling apart from pollution and animal deaths. We have 1 choice to do, and that choice is to help the world and animals. Do you know that so many animals have been extinct just because of pollution and hunting. But you can make a change about this, YOU can save the world from dying! From monkeys to bears from Elephants to Orangutans you can learn how our world is falling apart and how you can help it in this Feature Article. You can be the one that saved this world! İ will help the world from falling apart! And İ will also save this world from dying! This a really helpful thing to do because we can have a healthier and happier life! İn my opinion this NGO will help all the animals from dying and they will be happy. İn my opinion İ think that we need more NGO’s like Care For the wild because we need to save this world from pollution and animals deaths. This is a really helpful NGO and İ hope that it will last a long time.



Care For Wildlife (CFW) has been making great progress in the field of rescue, protect, and defend wildlife. It was founded in the UK 30 years ago. It is now active around the globe. Care For Wildlife has several projects to help animals from Hedgehogs in Horsham Tigers in Thailand. İn my opinion this NGO will help save the world because saving these animals can make a huge change with our world, because if we didn’t have animals there wouldn’t be anything. İf you can please help this NGO and save this extraordinary Animal Kingdom. You can protect these animals, you can make a change! You can not imagine the number of countries and animals CRW has been rescuing, protecting, and defending. You can also!






Orphaned Elephants!

Orphan_elesFor example, In Kenya, there are orphaned elephants whose parents are killed by people for their ivory, Did you know why these Elephants are killed for their ivory? Because Elephants ivory’s are used for many things for example, white piano tiles, carvings, pipes, jewelry and so much more! This is why elephants are left with no mother or anyone to take care of… But, Care for the Wild supports the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Which is a different NGO that CTW works with) in their work to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned African elephants. The aim of the project is to help Elephants in a way that allows them to grow as naturally as possible, eventually when these elephants grow and are ready for their lives they are released freely into a wild herd and enjoying a normal life in the wild elephant communities of Tsavo National Park. İ believe that this is a really important project because elephants should not be killed for their ivory just for money and so much more reasons, they should actually be born free and they should live a normal and healthy life with their children. İmagine seeing your mother killed for her ivory, nobody would want that and neither do baby elephants and their mothers! So if you help you can save these elephants lives!


Orphaned Orangutans!






In İndonesia, Did you know that İndonesia has the highest rates of deforestation!, sadly, orangutans also have an orphanage problem but, Orangutans don’t have the same problems with elephants because the reason why Orangutans get orphaned is because of many reasons for example, forest fires, deforestation, hunting, by illegal logging and mining and so much more reason! But, Care for the Wild works with the Orangutan Foundation to support and care for the Orphaned Orangutans! But, did you know that less than 7,300 Sumatran Orangutans stay in the wild making them critically endangered as they face growing threats from habitat loss and hunting. İ think that everyone should support these orangutans because it is a really helpful NGO, İ also think that these Orangutans need support from us, you can learn so much about these Orangutans and their lives, than you will love Orangutans even more when you save them! So, please try to support these precious lives of endangered Orangutans, and you can save lives and be supportive, and we all can make a change and help Orangutans!



Dancing Baby Bears!          

                              Before        And         After



In Greece, Care for the Wild works with the Arcturos Environmental Centre and Bear Sanctuary , providing a safe haven for orphaned bear cubs and former dancing bears, the reason why these poor bears are being captured are because people want to make them dance and get entertained, the reason why people do this is for money and getting people attracted to the bear and for their money, another reason why these Brown Bears are getting orphaned and dying is because of habitat loss, the reason why there is habitat loss is because of deforestation. There are over 200,000 brown bears in the wild but small isolated populations are threatened by humans. Human have been hunting bears for years or maybe even centuries! This makes me sad and wanna help, this is a major problem in the world because if bears keep on getting


hunting they can get exist and so may other animals. İ also think that these bears are screaming for help! So lets go help these poor animals and make them happy!



Endangered Monkeys!


Finally in Peru, Care for the Wild has partnered with Neotropical Primate Conservation to support community conservation networks. This NGO has been around for 8 years! And this Primate Conservation Network (PCN) has rescued hundreds of primates and other wild animals throughout Peru. Peru is one of the world’s most diverse countries it has North eastern regions of Amazons, San Martin with the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot, these places are beautiful places where animals live happily however, both these regions suffer from too much deforestation and thats how we lose animals! But, there are also cruel people capturing animals for pet and tourist attractions. These protected areas by (PCN) are home to the yellow tailed woolly monkey, Andean night monkey, and Andean titi monkey, as well as many other endangered species. İn my opinion (PCN) is making a really nice job in protecting the animals and saving them. İ would love to help and be a part of this NGO. While saving lives and helping endangered animals İ would feel like a Hero!  İf only you could help and protect these endangered and beautiful animals. Maybe you can?



The only way to save animals are if everyone helped us to save them. You can take care of animals, you can not pollute, you can clean the forests and anywhere else. You can do all of these and save animals lives and the world from dying. You can tell your friends, family members and you can make posters around your neighbourhood telling to save the animals and not pollute! Doing this can save the earth because it can create more and more animals and it can also create more and more nature. Did you know that if there were no nature or animals there wouldn’t be us! So while saving the world, Animals and nature you would also be saving your own life and other people around you!


This world is not only for humans, but also for all the living creatures in the world. Humans should learn how to respect the animals and how they live, they shouldn’t hurt or harm them they should respect their living style and nature around them, they should care for them. Human being maybe the smartest animal in the animal kingdom but this fact does not make other animals our slaves. They are born free and so are we. We should share this world with them. Earth is not only our home but also animals’ home. İf you and all the people around the world help and protect these animals we would have a healthy and happy home, so please try to help and save lives! This world is not only for humans, but for all animals!

Please Visit This Site For More İnformation!

This Site Was Used For All İnformation And Pictures.




All Of The Pictures Are Taken By CTW



“Donations.” Care For The Wild International Home Comments. Web. 08 Mar. 2015. <http://www.careforthewild.com/>.


Can You Jump İn The Same River Twice?-Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.10.40 My reply–>Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.12.21

İ liked this discussion because it really made me think if İ can jump in the same river twice. İ think İ did well on my thinking process because İ was very specific with my words and thoughts. İ liked this discussion because it got me to a whole other level of thinking because when it comes to philosophial thinking you really have to be open-minded because these questions are really hard to answer and takes up allot of your time thinking…Allot.

Probability Game-Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.59.11

İ learned allot from this game because İ learned how to do probability better and it improved my memory better because keeping the scores and how many shots they threw the same time was really helpfull and confusing. İ think İ did well setting up my prizes and game because İ bought prizes and sorted out the books İ was gonna give, İ think people liked playingmy game because keeping their scores in their mind was really fun and playing the game was fun and the best part was winning really cool prizes. İ want to improve my time management because İ worked a little bit to much on the prizes and game instead of that İ could have have sorted out the amount of time İ spent and balance the time İ spend with both.


Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.41.36 İ chose this photo again because İ wanted to try something new. İt made me realise how easy something is when you actually practice on it. İ think İ did well on my balance and open minded on doing this because you have to really think and be balanced or you can hurt yourself. İ feel proud of myself when it comes to gymnastics because İ work allot and İ think İ deserve achieving my goals. Which İ slowly am.

Unit 2 Chain Game-Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 13.06.46





İ learned allot from this game because it really felt like İ was representing a country and our team was the fastest to do the paper chain, so this game made me proud of my team. İ also learned allot about countries and how hard it is to keep the balance of being responsible and fast. İ chose this piece to reflect on because İ felt proud and İ learned the most from this game.

P.E.T (Gymnastics)-Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.41.57Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.41.36 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.52.17


İ chose these pictures because it shows my progress in one of my personal and group goals achieved. The splits was my personal goal and İ have been working and taking allot of time from my day just to do the splits and do you know how much time it took? 2 years! when İ achieved this goal İ was very proud of myself because mentally İ pushed myself as much as İ can and now İ know that there is no limit. These 2 years made me feel more confident and happy because İ was working very very hard and İ was doing what İ loved the most. So, as you can see in the photos İ have included with this post İ have achieved my personal goal.


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 14.51.11

İ chose this piece because İ like to do graphs and this piece shows my understanding on graphs and data handling. İ think İ did well on my neatness and understanding the specific data, because İ kept in mind the data and used them properly while making the graphs. İ loved this piece and especially making it because İ like to make graphs.

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