Action Reflection

İ picked up trash from the belgrade forest. İ got with me pairs of plastic gloves and a roll of big plastic bags so İ can put the trash inside the bags. İ went with my mom so that she can bring me to the places İ wanted to go, and also because she can help me with taking the pictures and advice. İ went last week on Sunday around 4:00. İ think İ made an impact because when İ picked up the trash the people passing by and saw me, this probably told them not to pollute again. Me picking up the trash has also shown how some people don’t care about our environment. İ also made an impact to the belgrade forest because the trash was affecting nature, because the trash was blocking plants to grow which can affect animals etc. İ think İ did really well because while İ was picking trash İ really tried to clean the forest as much as İ can, so İ tried my best. The challenges İ faced was actually getting out and being confident in doing it, i had this challenge because İ was first kind of shy to do this when cars and people were passing by and looking at me, but, İ then got more confident. One of the most disgusting issue in my action was facing the smells and other things of the garbage, this was a really big challenge for me because İ really had to be confident to face the disgusting things but İ knew that picking up the trash will make a change and thats why İ continued my work. While İ was picking up trash İ saw a plastic bag next to bushes and İ picked it up, but İ realised that there was a bucket under it filled with this yellow liquid, İ realised it was pee and İ decided not to pick it up… Then, also this one time where me and my mom decide to go somewhere else İ got out of the car and went to pick up the rash İ saw, but then there was this horrible and sharp smell and İ thought that İ was gonna start to gag but İ quickly moved away and the smell went. After that İ asked my mom if we can go somewhere else, then İ changed my mind because some parts of the area did not smell bad so İ decided to clean up garbage from there. İn addition İ was very very tired and  İ was sweating after a while because the weather was really hot, that was an really challenging moment for me. İf İ would do this action again İ would pick up more trash because there was so much trash in the forest that İ wasn’t able to pick up most of them. İ really would want to put up signs saying not to litter in the forest! The signs would make this action more sustainable because, when people would see the signs maybe they would care more about the forest.

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