Brain Barf Week #2

İ made good use of my time because İ did what İ was assigned to do. İ also tried to stay on task and finish my work on time. While İ was doing my work, İ was very well organized and İ used my time good to good work neately and quickly. Some of the challenges İ had this week was catching up with the class on work. Sometimes İ was behind but İ managed to spead up a bit and understand what was going on. The hard part about this week was finding good sources that held good information, that was really hard for me because some of my questions were very complex. Thats why this week was difficult for me. My plans for next week are finishing my dot jot notes and my personal essay. When İ finish that İ will update my website and do my brain barf. When İ finish all these work İ will concentrate on my exhibition planning, for example İ will try to contact an NGO and gets some advise and help from them. Next week week will be even more difficult probably. Some of the suprises this week was finshing my work on time and being more on-task, İ felt this way because İ thought it was going to be much harder but now its so much better trying to get everything done and understanding things. A really big suprise İ had was with Ms. Bond, because she showed my really really nice books, websites and allot of usefull and easy information. İ was suprised because all of these useful information was found so easily and İ had no clue about them! Another reason why İ was suprised is because the sources and information Ms. Bond gave me really helped me with my work and it really helped me spead up. İ am really looking forward to finishing all my work and catching up with the class.

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