Week 1- Brain Barf

1. İ think İ used my time wisely because İ listened and what my teacher tolfd me to. İ also thought about my action and issue so İ get a better idea of my Exhibition. İ also tried to stay on task as much as İ could so İ could finish my tasks on time. İ also used my time wisely because İ finnished my tasks on time.

2. My challenges this week was trying to research for a Turkish NGO that involved cleaning up trash from the forests. İ also had a struggle with connecting my passion with my issue, but İ finnaly found a connection.

3. My plans for next week are finding a Turkish NGO that involves cleaning up trash from the forests and having contact with it.

4. Some of the suprises that happened were that in the beggining of planning my issue and passion İ couldnt find a connection with them so İ had to really think hard to find that connection. A success İ had was finding a connection with my passion and issue.

Exhibition Reflection

The way İ used my time wisely because İ thought about the Exhibition. The challenges İ had was planning out my exhibition because İ was very stressed while thinkng about it. my plans for next week are exploring my action and actually trying it out. Some suprises that happened are that İ planned out my whole Exhibition and now im not stressed at all. İ was very suprised because İ didnt know that İ was gonna be able to actually plan it out.

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