Can You Jump İn The Same River Twice?-Portfolio

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İ liked this discussion because it really made me think if İ can jump in the same river twice. İ think İ did well on my thinking process because İ was very specific with my words and thoughts. İ liked this discussion because it got me to a whole other level of thinking because when it comes to philosophial thinking you really have to be open-minded because these questions are really hard to answer and takes up allot of your time thinking…Allot.

Probability Game-Portfolio

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İ learned allot from this game because İ learned how to do probability better and it improved my memory better because keeping the scores and how many shots they threw the same time was really helpfull and confusing. İ think İ did well setting up my prizes and game because İ bought prizes and sorted out the books İ was gonna give, İ think people liked playingmy game because keeping their scores in their mind was really fun and playing the game was fun and the best part was winning really cool prizes. İ want to improve my time management because İ worked a little bit to much on the prizes and game instead of that İ could have have sorted out the amount of time İ spent and balance the time İ spend with both.


Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.41.36 İ chose this photo again because İ wanted to try something new. İt made me realise how easy something is when you actually practice on it. İ think İ did well on my balance and open minded on doing this because you have to really think and be balanced or you can hurt yourself. İ feel proud of myself when it comes to gymnastics because İ work allot and İ think İ deserve achieving my goals. Which İ slowly am.

Unit 2 Chain Game-Portfolio

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İ learned allot from this game because it really felt like İ was representing a country and our team was the fastest to do the paper chain, so this game made me proud of my team. İ also learned allot about countries and how hard it is to keep the balance of being responsible and fast. İ chose this piece to reflect on because İ felt proud and İ learned the most from this game.

Make An Organized List

In my Making an Organized List sheet I did good on not guessing and trying to answer the question specifically and i tried to do my best so I got the questions correct. The bad thing was I couldn’t really catch up with my teammate  and also the teacher I was slow in one of the questions. One of the questions really caught my eye was the 2nd question because it got me inspired that you could make so many different numbers with 4 digit numbers and etc.


Reading Responce 4

Dear Ms Wachowiak,

My book is called The Journey through time and what İ dislike about the book is when accidently a character in the book presses a button and the other character accidently goes back in time by his self. What İ liked about the book is the author really used specific words that deeply describes something. İn the book someone sends a secret letter to Geronimo and he is suspicious, so İ predicted that it was a bad guy but then he followed the steps on the mail and he came to a trash can he went inside it then he fell deep then he bumped on the floor and he saw his friend the scientist, and his friend sended him that kind of mail because he didn’t want anybody else to know about his invention he created… The Time Machine.

İn the part when Geronimo found the letter he suddenly got so suspicious and then he read the long mail and followed the steps to the way to the scientists very secret lab. The book is kind of easy kind of hard because the easy part is that it has big writing, also because every page has small writing too much cartoons. The hard part is the book is a chapter book and its kind of too long for me but its really fun to read. İ chose this book because honestly İ had nothing else to write about. İ would recommend this book because its not soo hard and it not super easy it in the middle it also gets you in the book like when you find out about something suspicious it get YOU suspicious then you have to find out the mystery.

İ think the author wrote this book because children love reading suspicious and mysterious books that you have fun reading and also because maybe the author wants to learn about time traveling and etc. The part where it was funny to me was when Geronimo invited someone to come time traveling with him so he called 1 person and then someone heard them then that person who heard the conversation wanted to go time traveling with them to so it increased like that. This book reminds me of another serie, it reminded me of a series because the main characters always had to time travel and they did missions and etc and so is Geronimo …soon….


Sincerely, Maya                             Hope you like!!!!!!!

Dialogue In The Dark I Am Poem

In my I am poem dialogue in the dark I did good on it because I used specific words that tried to inspire people. I also wanted to show people how it felt being blind, well, I wasn’t blind I just couldn’t see in the dark, I tried to use specific and creative adjectives to make people see the hearing in there minds. The bad part was that I couldn’t think of inspiring creative sentences then after we all had to check our work then I understanded what I did wrong and I fixed them, Then i ended up with a awesome, creative, poem!


6th Grade NGO’s Reflection

In the 6th grade NGO’S I was very happy to see our school help the poor people because they have the right to also be happy and clean. It worked for the 6th graders because lots of people came to there stands and buyed and also played lots of games. This is a good thing because for the 1.9 billion children from the  world, there are: 640 million without normal shelters 400 million with no access to safe, clean water 270 million with no access to health. So the 6th graders came up and are doing there best to earn money clothes foods etc to save these people from hunger and loss. I like it because I have fun play lots of games and eat junk food and meet with friends.

Breadwinner Chapter 7_8 Reflection

I did good on my Breadwinner response because I tried to have empathy for the Talibans and see how they see stuff and they also have families so thats why I tried to have empathy. I feel bad for Nooria because she has to take care of the Ali and Maryam so she has to change Ali’s diapers and that must be a torture for her, Also because she has been doing that and being inside for about 1 and a half year so she never felt the goodness of sunshine. I also think Parvana is not alone she also has another friend that turned into a boy so she feels probably better now.

Multiplication Test Reflection

On my math test I struggled on answering my questions because some of my roundings were incorrect, I also need to use my math skills more like example my multiplication instead of writing 8 nines I could just write 8 times 9. I also did well on my lattice multiplication I am doing very good at that because when you learn I learn something I do very good on it and I keep on doing it to solve problems.

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