The Economics of Happiness


İ agree with the fact that there is a big pressure on people, and that society these days think that they have to have everything. The bigger. The better. The reason why I have a connection with this is because sometimes I can be under pressure. As a kid, because of society, technology etc. İ sometimes feel like the bigger the better. The idea İ mostly agree with is that some people compare themselves with other people. When people compare themselves it makes them greedy and it makes them want to be better. İ agree with this because I have seen other people living this situation. İ have also heard stories about it. The ideas İ find interesting are that people are aware of what crisis they are in, but nobody does anything about it.

Reading Response 7

Dear Mrs Wachowiak,


I can’t find anything to write about on my reading responses I keep on doing the same things. Is it OK if you can send me like a few questions I can answer while typing my reading response. By the way right now the book I am reading is called The Country Pancake remember


Sincerely, Maya


Unit 6 Reflection

During our Unit 6 I was inspired by how the world works, I didn’t know that this much in the world are suffering for freedom and life. Some of these decisions are made by the wars and government, because some governments around the world don’t even care about the people they have to take care of but instead they leave them with broken old houses, starving and with zero freedom. Wars because wars usually fight for decisions and how people fight or different decisions, and especially freedom, people fight for freedom because there government don’t care about the people so they have nothing. Some governments have freedom and everything all to themselves but the other people don’t have anything.

Reading Response 6

Dear Ms Wachowiak,


I started a book called Dr. Maniac VS Robby Schwartz. First I thought the book would be really bad but now since I’m reading the book I realized its AWESOME but not my favourite book. What I like about the book is that its filled with mysteries and you get really excited and sometimes you get sad, happy etc (So the writer of this book can really inspire you by feelings), I also like the main character because he creates comic strips and plan them out with drawings, colorings etc he does the comic strips on the computer, What I also like about the book is the main character in the book really created those comic characters in every way like their clothes their names and there talking voices and feelings.

I am sorry there is only 1 paragraph because I had no time next time I will do 3 paragraphs.




The decisions I make for myself are things like clothes and food. I decide what I am going to wear, although my mom does give me the money, I have the freedom to choose my style. For dinner and other meals at home, I also usually make the decisions on what I want to eat. With the internet, I search on whatever I want like facebook, youtube, etc but also the Government because they also decide on what goes on the internet or what should be banned from the internet like youtube etc, With the plans I make, I almost always make plans for myself like play dates etc but I have to call my mom or dad to have permission to go to that person’s house this day or time because they have to know where I am and if that person is OK to go to,

With the room I have, I have the right to put what I want in my bedroom and how I want to decorate it with Justin Bieber posters and stickers etc but my parents have to allow me to put those things to my room (which they always do), With the education I have, Its my choice to have an education or not because I am the one who is getting educated and what if I don’t even want an education (which I do) but also my dad because he is the one who pays for my education money and what if he doesn’t want me to this specific school anymore or he runs out of money?

Reading Response 4

Dear Ms Wachowiak,

İ finished a book called How İ Learned To Fly. What İ dislike about the book is that there is an character and he is an show off to the main character, he is mean!. What İ like about the book is that the main character is very kind, wise, and fun he can FLY!, Also the book is very exciting because the chapters end with mystery. The things that got me interested was why couldn’t the main character fly when it was a rainy day he didn’t have any wings??, Also İ really want to know what was in the green gooey stuff he ate that made him fly?.
The part in the book that changed the main character was when he learned to fly and when he started to go on TV İ think that because when he was doing a flying match with someone he pretended that he couldn’t fly just because he wanted his normal life back the life that was normal when he had space and not an million people chasing him around. The connections İ have with the main character is that İ feel like an wise and curious person. My prediction for the book was wrong because İ thought the book was about a boy that flies around the world and makes mysterious evil things.7
İ loved the book because you can be very excited and have fun with the book while reading it and because there are so much mysteries and they are EXCİTİNG. İ would recommend this book because its fun and exciting. The book makes me feel happy because İ have nice friends and İ don’t get bullied also İ am free. For me this book and the Goosebumps serie is just right for me because the words İ understand the book İ understand.

Sincerely, Maya        Hope You Like!

Persuasive Writing Reflection



When İ first started my persuasive writing İ got very confused and off, After the class reviewed it again İ understood and İ knew what to do. After İ understood İ started working at home independently and it help me ALOT because İ feel like İ will use this eventually in my life and the persuasive writing helped me what steps to take while doing an debate. This was mostly easy, and hard because in the beginning İ was confused and İ didn’t know what to do and İ was asking everybody ‘’What are we doing’’?? İ started understanding by myself and worked on my persuasive writing at home, then İ finished it and understood steps for debating. Also at school İ participated while doing my persuasive writing and İ didn’t talk to anybody because İ liked doing it and made me learn something.


Dialogue in the DARK video

March 2014

our class in dialogue in the dark check it out!!!

Reading Response 3

Dear Ms Wachowiak,                                                             



                         My book is called Creep From The Deep. What İ dislike about the book is that there are pirate zombies and the author describes them, he describes the way that the skin they have and when he describes the skin he describes how it smells like and looks like, He also describes the way that you can see the pirates bones (İ actually like it but when İ read it it sound really disgusting to me but thats what makes it fun, so for me its in the middle) and also when you look at the cover you will probably think its about an big huge scary electric eel BUT its nothing about that there is no eel.

                         What İ like about the book is the main characters get tricked by people who want to steal the zombie pirates treasure so they have the money, so they get the main characters because the main characters know where the treasure is. İ like it because the part where they find those 2 men its very exciting because they thought they were on a lonely island getting chased by pirate zombies. The predictions İ made about the books were that there was gonna be a eel that attacked people and that there was gonna be a 13 year old guy who saves people (Thats what İ thought because in goosebumps there is always a happy ending and a solution to a problem), my prediction was wrong because there was no eel but there was a boy (İ forgot how old he was). The book is just right for me because it has an amount of pages in the book that is right for me and an amount of pages which does not take me forever to read.

                               İ chose this book because İ just finished it and İ had nothing else to write about. İ would recommend this book because it has lots of mysteries in it, LOTS, and also you have fun in it because it sometimes gets you scared. İ would also recommend this book because when you read it you get addicted to it you can’t stop reading it because the mysteries make you think and the way the author describes things like those pirates he describes it deeply with specific words that make you see image inside your head. İ am wondering about that why would the cover be a giant, long, scary eel why wouldn’t it be zombie pirates, İ think that because most of the parts are about zombie pirates nothing about a giant, long, scary eel.


Sincerely Maya.                                                             Hope You Like!!!!

Reading Response 2

Dear Ms Wachowiak,                                                                    Tuesday,11 March, 2014

            I just started a book called Beware The Snowman! What İ disliked about the book is the main character doesn’t have parents(The mother died when she was only 5 the father disappeared when girl was born) and moved to a village that is so boring there is nothing to do, there is no children, barely any population no sports and freezing cold with snow everywhere (she lives with her aunt). The part that made me ask a question and got me puzzled was why does the village have creepy snowman everywhere with scars? And also why did the mom always sing a poem to the little girl when she was small it goes like this: When the snow blows wild and the day grows old Beware, The snowman my child beware the snowman he brings the cold!

                                The part that caught my eye in the book was when the girl was small and her mom used to sing her that super creepy poem and then she grew up and moved to a village that was cold and snowing and there were lots of creepy snowmans!!! When İ first saw the cover of the book İ thought there were gonna be very scary snowmans in a place and they come alive but İ didn’t come to a part were a snowman moved but its obvious one will so my prediction was right.

                              The author of my book is R.L Stine İ am a big fan of that writer because he can really give you Goosebumps and he also wants you to picture something he is describing in your head example like when the girl first saw one of the snowmans the author was describing his deep scar his scary arms nose, buttons, scarf etc. This Goosebumps serie is just right for me because İ like books that describes something very deeply tries to get you to picture an image in your mind also because its like a scary film but just in a book described with words. This book is also good for me because its long enough for me to read and understand, and for me the books are so mysteries, scary and sometimes you can learn new things! İ chose this book because İ like scary things because sometimes you can learn new things and the book is so discovery and interesting in many ways.

Sincerely, Maya                                                    Thank You For Reading!

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